K.U.L.T Vision Camera Steering System

K.U.L.T Vision Camera Steering System

Up to 4 cameras per bed detect the plant rows, the collected data is analysed by a processor which controls the hydraulic steering unit.
Because every bed is controlled separately, the usual single bed preparation and planting systems can be used without any modifications. That results in high performance and significant savings in labour and machine costs.

The very bright lamp in front of the camera allows weeding even at night so the self-guided system can be used after dawn without interruption of the work.

K.U.L.T. Vision Control - Each tool support is attached by paralelograms to the main frame.

Each cylinder is controlled by the respective camera computer and moves the corresponding weeding element continuously to the accurate position.

In combination with the K.U.L.T. DUO-Parallelogram it is possible to weed plants precise and timesaving with the K.U.L.T. Vision control.

The precise tool guiding allows high working speed.

K.U.L.T Vision Camera Steering System

Product description
  • LCD display with a system of menus for specifying speed, distance between rows, size of plants etc.
  • detecting of No of plants per hectare

  • Manual offset.
  • Acoustic alarm
  • Monitoring with tablet, laptop or smartphone
Minimum plant size
At least 1x10 mm/0,04x0;4” leaf size. Plants with only one leaf are sufficient.
Maximum plant size
Plant diameter < row distance + 25%.
Light conditions
The camera operates in both bright sunlight and during the night.
Tractor hydraulics The Autopilot can work with a fixed pump and a variable pump. (Has to be specified with the order)
Working speed 2 - 10 km/h /1,3-6,2 m/h
Accuracy The vision system can maintain the position of the cultivator at the centerline of the plants within +-1 cm.