K.U.L.T Camera Guided System for Field Crops

K.U.L.T Camera Guided System for Field Crops

Colour detecting system so that even in bright sunlight shadows only interfere marginally. Very solid side-shift platform compensates variations automatically. The system overlooks up to 3 rows at a time and is therefore able to work very precisely even in big weeds. The steering is very precise even with high speed (up to 15 km/h) and big working width (12m and more). Front mounting optionally possible.

The components of the Robocrop Sytem:

Hydraulic side shift Incl. 3-Pt
Kat 2 or 3 mounting
Robocrop console
camera system
lift sensor

The well-structured and solid Robocrop-console with Softkey controls.

Typical screen shot with live video.

Additional support wheels increase the precision significantly.

K.U.L.T Camera Guided System for Field Crops

Product description
  • Sideshift frame with 3 Pt Kat 2 or 3 for working widths to 4m, 9m and 12 m, with universal attachment plate for attaching other weeding systems.
  • Camera with bracket and universal attachment unit, tough display for setting and monitoring of the technical data also whilst working.
  • weight: 390 – 890 kg (without weeding system)


  • Support wheels for stable side steering
  • Joy-Stick with seat and bracket for manual steering in critical conditions
  • Spotlights for working during night time
Technical requirements of the tractor
  • Double effective hydraulic valve
  • Four wheel, at least 150 PS
Minimum plant size
As soon as the plant row is detectable as a row with the human eye.

  • cereals: approx. 3-leaf stage
  • sugar beet, soy beans: approx 4-leaf stage
Maximum plant size
Steering is no longer necessary and possible when the rows are closed.
Light- and weather conditions
  • 24 h working possible with additional lights
  • Wind from the side can lead to unwanted changes in direction which can be manually compensated
Working speed 4 - 15 km/h
Accuracy +/- 2,5 cm, in light soil
+/- 4 cm, in heavy (not homogenous) soil