G & J Lazy Weeders

Lazy weeders are used in crops where mechanical weeding is not possible, such as carrots and onions. They will reduce labour cost on average by 50% compared to manual weeding. Lazy weeders come in two versions: self-propelled and tractor-driven.

The tractor-driven machine can best be used in on the bigger vegetable enterprises of more than five acres of carrots/onions. To use this tool, a tractor must be available with a crawler gear, capable of driving as slow as 300m/hr. The machine normally carries nine people lying behind the unit on a series of canvas beds, weeding nine rows of crop. What makes this tool special, are the ergonomically designed beds, which make it possible to work eight-hour days on the weeder without problems. The machine can adapted to the wishes of the customer.

The Elomestari self-propelled crawler machine comes into its right in small enterprises with intensive crops. The machine can easily be used in poly-tunnels and glasshouses.

The crawler can be geared up with a small conveyer belt system, or trays to be used for harvesting strawberries, gurkins etc. One or two people can lay on the machine for picking. The unit is driven by two electric motors.

G & J Lazy Weeders Pictures (click to enlarge)

G & J Lazy Weeders Costs

Description Cost...
Basic crawler with one worker platform £CALL
Additional worker platform £CALL
Canopy roof: 80x200cm £CALL
Solar cell roof: 165W £CALL
Transport band for harvesting £CALL

Also available: wider models, auto-steering, special worker platforms etc.