Autopilot Camera System

To automatically steer weeding equipment.

This technology is based on a camera with plant recognition, which is connected to a computer. The computer controls the hydraulic steering of the machine. The system will steer the machine accurately through row crops and makes weeding more effective and quicker. The weeding implements can come closer to the plant as with manual steering. Also more then one bed can be weeded independently by using multiple camera's.


Vegetable and arable crops and tree nurseries.

A camera is mounted directly above a crop row. The camera recognizes the position of the crop rows. The software calculates any steering corrections.

Hydraulic ram which steers the machine.

LCD-Display mounted on the tractor.

Technical Data

Title Description...
Working principle At the start of the row the machine is steered exactly straight ahead. After a couple of meters the optical recognition system takes over. When there is a gap in the crop of more then 1.5 m, then alarm will sound so the driver can temporarily take control of the steering. The same happens on spots with extreme weed coverage. At these places the system will steer exactly straight ahead. The system will also work fine when working on side slopes.
Mounting The autopilot can be fixed on existing weeding equipment with steering wheels. Up to three auto pilots per tractor (hoeing 3 beds independently) are currently being being used in Germany.
Tractor Hydraulics The type and capacity of the hydraulic pump of the tractor must be taken into account when ordering.
Light sensitivity The camera system will work day and night.
Working speed 2 - 10 km/hr
Models FP161 Autopilot with camera for auto steering along crop rows.
FP181 Extra system which connects the hydraulic steering system of the tractor to the autopilot