Cage Weeders

Cage weeders are used between rows, in combination with A-blade hoes or apart. Two cages are constructed behind one another on a frame with steerage hoe construction. The first cage is driven by the ground, the second cage is driven by the first cage via a chain and sprockets. The sprocket ratio is 1:2 which makes the second cage turn faster than the first one. By altering the pressure on both cages the actual speed of both cages can be changed.

The cages will pull out or at least loosen the young weeds after which they will dry out.

The cage weeder will not affect the plant rows by bringing plants in the row. Crops in which these cage weeders work well are: carrots, onions and other crops, grown on rows, more than 80 mm apart.

Cage weeders can be fitted on most existing hoeing systems.

Cage Weeder Pictures(click to enlarge)