Large Scale Field Crops

Equipment for large scale field crops

Corn, soy, potatoes, crop, sugar beets,… from 1,5m – 12m with camera steering or without. We provide precise weeding management with high accuracy close to the plant. Giving the weeds no chance!

K.U.L.T. ARGUS Weeding Frame

The flexible cultivator for all purposes

A hoeing frame for mounting in front, back or between the axles for up to a maximum working width of 3 metres, to which numerous accessories can be fitted.


K.U.L.T Camera Guided System for Field Crops

The cultivator for larger scale operations

Precise, computer based steering even in difficult situations.

K.U.L.T. Habicht Weeding Frame

The cultivator for larger scale operations

Solid hoeing frame, developed for cropping wider than 2.5m to be primarily front or rear mounted.


K.U.L.T. Fingerweeder

Hoeing inside the plant row is possible!

With the K.U.L.T. Kress fingerweeder you can cultivate within the plant row to reduce manual labour.

G&J Lazyweeder

Where mechanical weeding is not possible

Lazyweeders are used in crops where mechanical weeding is not possible, such as carrots and onions. They will reduce labour cost on average by 50% compared to manual weeding. Lazyweeders come in two versions: self-propelled and tractor-driven.