K.U.L.T Duo-Paralelogram

K.U.L.T Duo-Paralelogram

The K.U.L.T. DUO parallelogram comes from the think tank at KULT Kress.

Like all tools developed by KRESS, the DUO-parallelogram was tested and refined over the years until ready for the market as a fully realised system for a variety of applications.

Range of Uses

Can be used for all crops on ridges such as carrots, onions, herbs, etc., especially for direct seeded rows.
Our tools are suited for weeding in 3.1“/ 8 cm double-rows.  Minimum row distance 9.8“/25 cm on a single toolbar.

Working principle on ridges:

  • Discs furrow the soil very close to the row
  • Angle blades work on top of the ridge
  • special blades cut the weeds at the shoulder
  • 3-way adjustable cutting disks
  • 2-way adjustable angle blades
  • 3-way adjustable edge weeder blades
  • Springs to control the down pressure
  • 2 adjustable support wheels

The K.U.L.T. DUO-Parallelogram fits on any ridge!

The tool can be set to work on flat fields to provide very close cultivation of early stage growth with sharp, durable discs.
DUO-Parallelogram 5 rows mounted on an Argus-Hoe with manual steering.
The Duo cultivator mounted on a tool carrier tractor offers a good view of plant rows.

A combination of the GARFORD camera control steering system achieves high accuracy and speed.

K.U.L.T Duo-Paralelogram

Objective of use
  • Early weeding without disturbing the row
  • simultaneous cultivation of ridge top and sides
Range of use
  • vegetable production
  • specialized crops
Operating principle
  • Cutting discs break the crust close to the row
  • Angle blades (side knives) slice the ridge top
  • Edge weeder blades remove weeds on the sides of the ridge
Time of application very early possible
  • Front-, rear-, between the axles
  • Horse pulling
Row width from 20 cm/ 7,9’’ for row crops
Working width 6cm to 400cm
For row spacing less than 30cm /12’’ double toolbar required (see picture above)
Clearance Ca. 20 cm/ 7.9’’
Working speed from 1 km/h / 0.7 m/h