K.U.L.T. Cultivator for Tree Nurseries

K.U.L.T. Cultivator for Tree Nurseries

All systems for front, rear and middle mounting.
  • Type HABICHT - For working widths over 3m
  • Type ARGUS - The lighter alternative for working widths up to 3m
  • Type Star cultivator - Non-blocked working
  • Type Cage weeder - Flat working in early stages

K.U.L.T. Kress Star cultivator non-blocked working in tree nurseries

HABICHT 2-rows, Rear mounted
Typ parallelogram guided
Working width 1-8 m
Row width min. 18 cm
With or without K.U.L.T. Fingerweeder

ARGUS 2-rows, shown front mounted in roses
Working width 1,5 m
Row width 75 cm
With K.U.L.T. Fingerweeder

Different mounting possibilites with the K.U.L.T. Kress Fingerweeder in tree nurseries