K.U.L.T Cageweeder

K.U.L.T Cageweeder

K.U.L.T.-Kress have reinvented mechanical weed control with this device.

Range of Uses

The machine is good for all row crops, particularly for vegetable, special crops, medicinal and spice plants, as well as for field crops like sugar beets, sunflowers etc.

Two weeding cages in a row with an adjustable depth of 0,4” – 1,5 “ /1 - 4 cm work between the plant rows. The cage in front drives the rear one and also loosens the soil surface . The second cage crumbles the soil and removes soil from the weeds.

The ground driven machine is suitable for every standard tractor to mount in front, rear or between the axles. The modular concept allows quick mounting and adjusting to different working and row width.
The new tool construction has no side pressure, therefore there is no need for row protection. Even direct seeded crops can be worked in very early stages. Sliding adjustment of elements provides fast and optimum adaptation to different row spacings and widths.

The Kress Cageweeder can be attached to every common Tool-Carrier.

For larger working widths, the maintenance-free chain-drive is mounted on both side.

Attachment in front gives a good view of the plant row, even at high speed.

K.U.L.T Cageweeder

Objective of use Early weeding without pushing the crust, with high efficiency
Range of use
  • vegetable gardening
  • tree nurseries
  • special crops
Operating principle The first tool (slower rotation ) breaks the soil without pushing, the second tool (faster rotation) loosens the soil and removes the weeds.
Time of application very early
  • Front-, rear-, between the axles
  • horse drawn
Clearance app. 4.7 “/ 12 cm
Row width From 7.9”/ 20 cm
Working width
  • 59 “-236 “/150-600 cm
  • up to 118 “/300 cm with rigid basic frame
  • from 118 to 236 “/300 to 600 cm there will be 2/3 sections (one per bed)
Working depth 0.8-1.6 “/2-4 cm
Working speed 1.9-7.5 mi/h /3-12 km/h
∅ of cageweeder elements
13.78 “/35 cm
Width of standard cages 14, 16, 18, 21, 24, 26, 28, 33, 38 cm

5.5, 6.3, 7.1, 8.3, 9.5, 11, 13, 15 “